The journey of Cafe Peter started more than a decade ago when Mr Peter (Name) travelled from Korea to India to set up a Cafe that is a melting pot to meet, eat and spend quality time with your loved ones. The year 2010 saw Cafe Peter opening its door in Aundh, Pune and since then Cafe Peter has expanded its presence in the entire Pune city. With more than ( number of outlets ) in Pune alone, Cafe Peter is making sure that the entire country gets connected to the World Cuisine, freshly brewed coffee and some lip-smacking desserts. This place is more than a Cafe. Customers love the vibe, they love the fusion of Indian, Korean and British cuisine, they connect with the ambience and the fond memories of their loved ones.

Cafe Peter is Your circle of Happiness. Be it your first date, a college reunion, a family get together or a quick office meetup, Cafe Peter is always the preferred place for everyone. Cafe Peter has successfully engaged its customers with a wide variety of food, beverages and dessert menu. Every dish prepared at the cafe has its own signature recipe that is fresh and prepared as per the customers wish by the expert chefs.

The café only relies on fresh ingredients to prepare a dish, ensuring that it meets the brand’s preset quality standards. For this, the brand works closely with all its suppliers to ensure consistent quality, taste and most importantly, the freshness of the products. We are quite famous for two things: Korean dishes, free and fast Wi-Fi and this is what we have been able to build for you.